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Competition is the old way. Cooperation is the new way!

Real Eyes Second completed painting of 2022

I’m living through a period of my culture that values competition over cooperation. Sometimes it’s obvious, more often it’s invisible and toxic. My childhood was informed by social pressures to compete with my peers rather than cooperate with each other. Being a sensitive, creative-type person this worried me. For many, many years this caused me unnecessary stress and anxiety. Does this sound familiar to you? In my heart, I knew it didn’t feel right, but all the influences around me worked to condition me into believing that competition was the only solution to a problem. I now see that competition can only get us so far and the final destination of competition is implosion and destruction.

I’m on a journey. On my journey of self-improvement, self-discovery, and self-love I’ve come to realize, there is another way. The toxic fog is clearing and by observing with REAL EYES, I can clearly see a better path, an older path. Even though this path has been temporarily hidden, it is still a well-worn path and proven path followed by the many generations that came before us. Our ancestors understood that cooperation is not only the means for survival, but that life is much, much more meaningful and fulfilling when we share and cooperate and when we celebrate and love each other.

And so, I have good news to share, this is a time of change! Competition is the old way. Cooperation is the new way! The new way of cooperation has the ability to take us ALL much, much further!

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