Cultivate Creativity

by Austin Gregory Ohm

Cultivate your creativity

A good idea is a precious seed. It contains a magic spark with the power to transform into something amazing. It doesn’t matter whether you found it yourself or if someone gave it to you. It doesn’t matter if you pinched a clipping from the garden center… It doesn’t matter if you don’t even know where it came from! Wherever it came from, be gentle, nurturing, and kind to your idea-seed and cultivate the creativity.

Adversity strengthens creativity

In order for your idea-seed to grow into something great it needs the proper conditions. Don’t fear the challenging environment where your idea-seed wants to grow, instead embrace the adversity! The proper conditions are NOT a womb-like space where all needs are perfectly provided for because this type of condition only encourages apathy and dormancy. Without any needs there is no need to grow. The challenges build strength, resilience, and produce uniqueness of character. Challenge your creativity the way the wind blows and bends a young tomato plant to strengthen its stem, preparing it for the weight of the fruit to come! Provide the tomato plant with water, but don’t over do it. A little bit of hardship teaches the roots to grow deep and strong.

Nothing grows well in isolation

Plant a few more idea-seeds around in the same area. You never know which will turn out to be the best. Your idea-seeds will support each other and if a few fail, (which is normal) there are others that will survive to maturity. Often a really good idea needs a second idea to pollinate it. Sharing your ideas will help with cross-pollination. Genetic diversity is always a plus in producing authentic creativity. So invite your friends over on a sunny day to get polin-drunk and remind them to bring their ideas too! Roll around in the seductive flowers of everyone’s creative ideas. Joyously bumbling from one to the next in no particular order. Creative community is the mycelium network under the forest floor, distributing resources behind the scenes to where they are most needed! Even if it isn’t obvious to the naked eye, trust the process, the mycelium knows. Be careful not to create artificial barriers (such as jealousy, shame, and fear) which makes it much more difficult for the community-mycelium to do its job.

Share the fruit!

Share the fruits of your creativity, I promise there IS enough! Ideas and creativity are inexhaustible when we share. Sharing ideas and creativity is both necessary and a very easy way to be in service to others. Being of service to others is one of the very best paths to living a fulfilling life. Build communities of creativity. Plant gardens and orchards of new ideas. There is no need to fear “not having enough” when we all are sharing. The more there is - the more there is!

Art work featured in this blog post: Garden Tower by Austin Gregory Ohm. Acrylic on Canvas (49” x 14”) available for purchase.

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