Creativity and the authenic self

"To Create art drawn from within is to create a world of our own and also to uncover an all-but-forgotten original, primal self," (London, 1989, pg. 43).

We are all born to be creative - no one needs to teach a small child how to be creative. Creativity is a fundamental characteristic of being human. As we go through the developmental stages of being infants, toddlers and young children, creativity is how we learn.

As we get a bit older, we become more aware of other people's expectations of us and society's expectations of us. Society teaches us to fear mistakes, and worry about being wrong. Coming to the conclusion of the expected answer is more highly valued than originality and uniqueness.

It is difficult for the big machine of modern society to order and categorize originality and there for it is dismissed or worse punished. Through this relentless conditioning we slowly become detached from our creativity and our authentic self. We behave as expected and we operate on a predetermined course.

This is not natural. Loosing touch with a core element of who we are leaves us unbalanced and susceptible to physical and mental illness. The good news and bad news is that this is only a modern phenomenon. For the bulk of human history we were free to be and to be creative. Learning to exercise our creativity, our authentic creativity, our intuitive creativity is a means of mending and healing this illness.

So what are you waiting for?! Exercise your creativity today! Don't think, just make something. Art, music, dance, anything. But PLEASE DON'T JUDGE your creation! It is not good or bad, it simply is, because you made it and it is an expression of your authentic self and THAT is something to feel good about.


London, P. (1989). No more secondhand art: Awakening the artist within. Shambhala Publications.

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