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We imagine a world where everyone recognizes their full creative potential.  This means valuing beauty, building skills in problem solving, and becoming more attuned to the world around us.  


We focus on a triad of art, yoga, and gardens as a means for promoting wellbeing through creativity.  We incorporate these in our retreats, classes & events to help you grow as a creative, balanced, holistic being, and rekindle your creative awareness.



We believe that small is powerful.  Our urban home-based studio is designed to be a welcoming oasis for practice.  This judgement-free zone welcomes all human-identifying members of the community.


Classes are held inside, or outside in our permaculture garden when the weather allows.  We share our space with pets, so please let us know if you have any severe allergies before attending and we will do our best to accommodate you.  All classes have a maximum of 6 in-person participants.  



We travel.  We teach.  We love sharing our knowledge with others!

The core values that drive us are:

  • Flexibility:  Stay nimble and make change if something isn’t working.  Embrace failures.

  • Learning:  Learn from mistakes & acknowledge successes.

  • Empathy:  Be aware of the strengths, challenges, and emotions of others at all times.

  • Positivity:  Smile often.  Love what you do.  Stay optimistic.  Be kind to others.

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