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We offer classes & workshops in Art, Gardening, and Yoga in our South Seattle urban oasis.  


We welcome you to join our community and explore paths to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through art, nature, and movement. 

We promise to help you grow as a creative, balanced, holistic being, and rekindle your creative awareness.


When we’re not teaching, you can find us painting murals, making sculptures, and conjuring products for and from the garden.

Can't wait to meet you!



Art & Creativity Specialist

Austin’s artistic journey has taken him from painting in his parent’s basement to k-12 art teacher to community artist and educator.  Each step along the way has taught him something important about understanding relationships between people and places. Austin believes creativity is a fundamental characteristic of human beings, and the closer we come to understanding our authentic creativity is an important piece of living a fulfilling life.  There may be no tool as powerful as art in changing the way people feel about themselves, others, and their environment.  



Design, Yoga, & Gardens

Emily's expertise stretches from architecture, to yoga, to permaculture and food & gardening activism.  Her work focuses on exemplifying the human connection to nature.  She believes that when we take time to observe, connect with the natural world, and create awareness of ourselves in our environment, something magical happens.  Through design, movement, and gardening, we can nourish the body and soul.

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