Early cities were built around public gathering spaces, before the industrialized grid system was overlaid onto our land.  Gridless Studio aims to put the urban community front and center, reclaiming spaces and making people's voices heard in the shaping of our environments. 


We use art and gardens as a means of creating a more engaged community.  Through our work, we make places that reflect community values, places to gather and share information and knowledge, and places that address urban challenges in Seattle and beyond.

Art brings joy into the urban fabric, creates a record of emotions and place.  Gardens act as functional gathering spaces providing more access to local produce.  


Together, these pieces aid in building strong and beautiful communities.  We hope you will join us in our venture! 


Together we have:

15+ Years of Community Art Experience

20+ Years Teaching Experience

5+ Years of Garden Management

15+ Years Permaculture & Architectural Design Experience

15+ Years Professional Painting & Sculpting

Countless hours gardening, making art, and dreaming about change


Art & Creativity Specialist

Austin’s artistic journey has taken him from painting in his parent’s basement to k-12 art teacher to community artist and educator.  Each step along the way has taught him something important about understanding relationships between people and places. Austin believes creativity is a fundamental characteristic of human beings, and the closer we come to understanding our authentic creativity is an important piece of living a fulfilling life.  There may be no tool as powerful as art in changing the way people feel about themselves, others, and their environment.  



Design & Garden Specialist

Emily is a licenced architect, permaculture designer, and food & gardening activist.  She works in the local community to transform the urban built environment into a beautiful and sustainable place.  She is constantly studying the values of good design, holistic systems thinking, and the importance of mindfulness in art, gardening, and nourishing the body & soul.