Feather & Flower Tiles


We believe that exploring personal creativity helps achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health and balance.  

We believe in providing a place where you can challenge yourself, think outside the box, and learn new skills.  


It's never too late to create!



We promote well-being through creativity.


We offer classes, workshops, and retreats in our urban studio in Seattle, WA.  Small, individualized classes focus on creativity, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyles to allow students to grow as creative, balanced, and holistic beings.

We also create products that spark conversation, inspire observation, and improve the built environment.


We provide the opportunity to change perceived notions of creativity and what it means to be an artist, rekindle an awareness of the surrounding environment, and forge connections within the community.



AUSTIN OHM, M.A. in Creativity Studies

Creativity Director


With 15+ years of experience in the field of art education, Austin now turns his attention to a bigger picture: the relationship between creativity and well-being.  Creativity is a defining characteristic of who we are.  When we fall out of touch with our own creativity, we become unbalanced and unhealthy.  Austin is dedicated to exploring methodologies and modalities of creativity and helping others strengthen their personal creative practice.



Change Maker


Emily is a licenced architect, permaculture designer, and food & gardening activist.  She works in the local community to transform the urban built environment into a beautiful and sustainable place.  Her classes focus on the values of good design, holistic systems thinking, and the importance of mindfulness in art, gardening, and nourishing the body & soul.